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BigCommerce Live Chat Rep

Full Time
June 6, 2023


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We're excited to announce that we're currently on the lookout for friendly, motivated individuals to join our team as BigCommerce Live Chat Representatives. This role is a fantastic opportunity for those who enjoy online interactions and assisting others.

You don't need a specific set of qualifications or a vast amount of experience, just a reliable internet connection, a helpful attitude, and a knack for communicating effectively. This position is fully remote, giving you the freedom to work from your preferred location anywhere in the world. 

What You Will Be Doing:

As an BigCommerce Live Chat Representative, you will play a crucial role in assisting customers with queries related to their orders, payments, and general platform usage. This can range from checking order statuses, assisting with payment issues, to simply helping a customer navigate our platform.

Not only will you help our customers find the information they're seeking, but you will also help them complete their purchases successfully. From time to time, you might be required to provide product suggestions, share relevant product links, or offer promotional discounts to enhance their shopping experience. In this role, you have the power to turn a customer's query into a positive shopping experience, all while earning a lucrative daily rate from the comfort of your home.

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