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Wollongong, Australia is a great place for remote job seekers. With its pleasant climate and coastal environment, there are many advantages to living and working remotely in this part of the world. Not only does it offer a diverse range of job opportunities, but its close proximity to New South Wales’ major cities and the Pacific Ocean also provides a convenient lifestyle for remote workers.

The city of Wollongong has a bustling economy and strong employment opportunities thanks to its close proximity to Sydney, which is just an hour away. Many large businesses have made their homes here, including well-known companies such as Telstra, Myer, and Optus. This means that there are plenty of choice when it comes to remote jobs in Wollongong.

In particular, there are many IT and software development jobs in the area, as well as opportunities for customer service, marketing and sales professionals. There are also plenty of freelance and remote working opportunities available. Due to the city’s status as an economic hub, these remote jobs can often be more lucrative than similar positions elsewhere.

With its proximity to the ocean, Wollongong is also a great place to create a work-life balance. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and many outdoor activities, remote workers can enjoy a unique lifestyle with plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the scenery.

For those looking for remote jobs in Wollongong, Australia, there is no shortage of options. From high-paying IT and software development positions to customer service roles and freelance opportunities, Wollongong presents remote job seekers with an exciting range of options and a great lifestyle.

Remote Job Opportunities in city

1. Remote Social Media Manager
- Job Description: Manage and maintain various social media accounts for local businesses and organisations. Create engaging content, interact with customers, and increase brand awareness and engagement for each client.
- Typical Tasks: Monitor social media interactions, analyse metrics, create posts and campaigns, implement strategic approaches to stimulate engagement, and manage the social media presence of each client.
- Requirements: Excellent communication skills in English is a must, as well as a passion for social media and content creation. Previous experience with social media interaction and analysis is preferable. Must have an active social media presence and access to reliable Internet.
- Estimated Salary: $15-25/hour
- Benefits: Bonuses for meeting performance targets, commissions for achieving results, and ongoing training to keep updated with the latest social media trends.
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2. Freelance SEO Specialist
- Job Description: Optimise the online presence of clients by developing and implementing creative and strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Help each client improve their overall online visibility and attract higher-quality website traffic.
- Typical Tasks: Keyword research, link building, content analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, website optimization, and on-page SEO processes.
- Requirements: Knowledge of SEO tools such as SEMrush and Moz, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Excel. A willingness to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends, techniques, and technology.
- Estimated Salary: $20-35/hour
- Benefits: Opportunity to assist clients from various industries, hone your technical skills, and increase your knowledge about SEO best practices.
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3. Virtual Personal Assistant
- Job Description: Provide clerical and executive assistance to busy professionals. Handle a variety of tasks, including scheduling of meetings and appointments, answering phone calls, managing emails, and other related administrative tasks.
- Typical Tasks: Personalised tasks for each client, such as managing diaries, organizing business trips, researching and making bookings, setting up meeting rooms, arranging travel and accommodation, and data entry.
- Requirements: A minimum of two years of prior customer service or administrative experience. An exceptional eye for detail, ability to multitask, and good organizational skills. Excellent communication skills and must be able to work quickly under pressure.
- Estimated Salary: $17-22/hour
- Benefits: The opportunity to use your creativity and initiative to achieve the desired results for each task. Flexible working hours and working conditions.
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4. Online Tutor
- Job Description: Support students in the Wollongong area in their studies. Assist in the development of knowledge, understanding, and skills, in a wide variety of subjects including Mathematics, English, and Science.
- Typical Tasks: Provide students with comprehensive materials, create an encouraging learning environment and provide one-on-one assistance to students. Set tests, assign homework, and assess student progress.
- Requirements: Teaching qualification or relevant experience with tutoring. A passion for teaching and prior experience working with students of any age. A good understanding of the subject matter and the ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way.
- Estimated Salary: $16-25/hour
- Benefits: Working in a flexible and rewarding environment that allows you to make a real difference in students' lives. Enhance your teaching skills and gain a deeper understanding of your subject area.
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5. Virtual Assistant
- Job Description: Provide a variety of administrative, creative, and customer service support to clients in Australia and internationally. Perform a variety of tasks, such as managing websites, creating content, processing orders, and data entry.
- Typical Tasks: Creating and publishing content, data entry, customer service, managing online store (shopify), market research, emails, transcribing, and other related tasks.
- Requirements: Previous experience and/or knowledge in administrative and customer service tasks. Must be able to operate a variety of different software programs and apps and must be computer savvy. An additional language is a plus.
- Estimated Salary: $12-20/hour
- Benefits: Working from home, flexible hours, and great opportunities to sharpen your skills.
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6. Remote Leasing Agent
- Job Description: Assist with finding tenants for residential and commercial properties. Liaise with interested parties, carry out market research and market the property. Take potential tenants on virtual tours of the property.
- Typical Tasks: Generate prospective tenant leads, contact leads, conduct virtual tours, provide tenant information sessions, negotiate and document tenancy agreements, manage applications, and post property advertisements.
- Requirements: Prior experience in residential and commercial leasing or related field. Must be customer service-oriented, efficient, and reliable. Excellent communication skills and solid understanding of relevant tenant/landlord laws.
- Estimated Salary: $18-30/hour
- Benefits: Working from home and flexible hours.
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7. Remote Copywriter
- Job Description: Create persuasive copy for web and print media. Write engaging website content, promotional materials, blog posts, social media content, and other related copywriting tasks.
- Typical Tasks: Research topics, craft copy, proofread and edit content, work with marketing teams, and collaborate with other professionals.
- Requirements: Good writing and communication skills. Must have an excellent command of the English language and pay attention to detail. Previous writing and editing experience is preferred, but not required.
- Estimated Salary: $18-30/hour
- Benefits: Ability to work remotely, flexible working hours, and an opportunity to use your creative writing skills to craft compelling copy.
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8. Customer Service Representative
- Job Description: Provide exceptional customer service to clients. Offer help with product inquiries, address customer complaints, and provide relevant information.
- Typical Tasks: Assist customers with online orders, process customer orders, assist with customer inquiries, handle customer complaints and provide helpful information.
- Requirements: Previous experience in customer service is essential. Ability to work under pressure, remain calm in difficult situations, and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
- Estimated Salary: $15-20/hour
- Benefits: Work from home, flexible hours, and a chance to develop your customer service skills.
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9. Online English Teacher
- Job Description: Teach English to non-native English speakers. Create interactive lessons to engage and motivate students, assess student progress, and help each student reach their English language goals.
- Typical Tasks: Conduct one-on-one/group English classes, provide lesson plans, assign homework, grade students’ work, and provide feedback.
- Requirements: Prior experience in teaching English or related field. Must possess excellent communication skills and be able to explain English grammar rules and other language concepts in an easy-to-understand way.
- Estimated Salary: $15-25/hour
- Benefits: Work from home and set your own schedule. Get to unique opportunities to use your creativity to craft interesting and engaging lesson plans.
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10. Remote Data Entry Operator
- Job Description: Enter data into various types of software applications. Process information in an accurate and timely manner according to the instructions of the client.
- Typical Tasks: Collecting data from sources, enter data into databases, check data for accuracy, and update data in existing databases.
- Requirements: Previous experience in data entry or computer programming, with solid understanding of MS Excel. Must have a keen eye for detail, and should be able to work quickly and accurately.
- Estimated Salary: $14-22/hour
- Benefits: Flexible work hours and an opportunity to develop your data entry and computer skills.
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11. Virtual Event Planner
- Job Description: Coordinate virtual events for clients. Manage all aspects of the event, from planning to coordination, to ensure the success of the event.
- Typical Tasks: Research venues, plan details of the event, create budgets, create promotional materials, communicate with vendors, coordinate audiovisual setup, and handle guest lists.
- Requirements: Strong organizational and communication skills. Previous experience in event planning or related field. Must be knowledgeable in the use of technology to ensure the success of the event.
- Estimated Salary: $18-30/hour
- Benefits: Flexible work hours, ability to work from home, and a great opportunity to enhance your event planning skills.
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12. Remote Bookkeeper
- Job Description: Accurately maintain financial records for clients. Perform bookkeeping tasks such as reconciling accounts, preparing financial statements, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and more.
- Typical Tasks: Reconcile accounts, post journal entries, process invoices, enter payroll information, prepare financial documents, and other related data entry tasks.
- Requirements: Knowledge of bookkeeping software and experience with financial reporting. A background in accounting or bookkeeping is preferred but not required. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills are essential.
- Estimated Salary: $17-25/hour
- Benefits: Ability to work from home, flexibility in hours, and great opportunity to develop your bookkeeping skills.
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13. Web Developer
- Job Description: Design and develop websites for clients. Develop attractive and user-friendly websites that meet the needs of the client.
- Typical Tasks: Creating graphical elements, coding webpages, writing scripts, testing websites, updating content, and debugging websites.
- Requirements: Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages. Familiarity with web design tools, such as Dreamweaver. Must have an eye for detail and a willingness to stay up to date with web trends.
- Estimated Salary: $20-35/hour
- Benefits: Get to work on a variety of web-related projects for clients from diverse industries, which will help enhance your skills and expand your knowledge.
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14. Virtual Receptionist
- Job Description: Answering and transferring calls, handling customer inquiries, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, and other related administrative tasks.
- Typical Tasks: Provide customer service, take and distribute messages, transfer calls, manage emails, and provide administrative support.
- Requirements: Previous experience in customer service or similar field. Excellent communication skills and the ability to remain calm in difficult situations. Must have a professional telephone manner and be able to multi-task.
- Estimated Salary: $14-22/hour
- Benefits: Flexibility in hours, the ability to work from home, and the chance to enhance your technical and customer service skills.
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15. Online Content Marketing Specialist
- Job Description: Devise and implement creative content marketing strategies to help clients increase brand awareness and engagement. Create engaging content for a variety of channels, including web, print, and social media.
- Typical Tasks: Research topics and create content, assist with SEO strategies, develop creative content ideas and campaigns, create promotional materials, and analyse content metrics.
- Requirements: Experience in content writing and/or marketing, excellent communication skills, and the ability to think strategically. Must have a good understanding of SEO techniques and analytics.
- Estimated Salary: $17-30/hour
- Benefits: Working remotely, flexible hours, and great opportunities to sharpen your writing and marketing skills.
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More Online Job Ideas

1. Virtual Assistant
- Job Description: Become an independent Virtual Assistant, using your own home office to provide a range of support services to a range of clients. Support tasks could include diary management, email management, customer service, web research, and more.
- Typical Tasks: Liaising with clients via telephone and other platforms such as Zoom and Skype, managing requests for services, drafting and responding to emails, making travel arrangements.
- Requirements: Proven experience in customer service and administrative roles, excellent communication skills, proficient in MS Office and other related software.
- Estimated Salary: $17-31/hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Flexible hours, remote working.
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2. Social Media Manager
- Job Description: Develop and execute social media strategies to increase engagement, visibility and brand recognition of clients businesses.
- Typical Tasks: Plan and schedule posts, create engaging content, increase followers and engagement, measure performance and optimize campaigns, manage customer service and feedback on social channels.
- Requirements: A passion for social media and digital marketing, good communication skills, proven experience in social media management.
- Estimated Salary: Between $30-50 per hour, depending on the client
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, access to a range of marketing tools.
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3. Video Editor
- Job Description: Edit and produce videos for clients, producing high-quality videos ready for upload to YouTube, social media platforms, and websites.
- Typical Tasks: Set up and create video projects, compile audio and video footage for editing, apply special effects and animation, create videos as directed by clients.
- Requirements: Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, excellent communication skills, the ability to work to strict deadlines.
- Estimated Salary: $20-80 per hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Remote working, potential to learn new skills
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4. SEO Specialist
- Job Description: Optimize websites for higher rankings on search engines.
- Typical Tasks: Conduct keyword research and analysis, create content optimized for SEO, monitor and adjust SEO strategies as necessary, track SEO metrics using analytics software.
- Requirements: Proficiency with the latest SEO technologies, good understanding of SEO fundamentals, experience of Google Analytics.
- Estimated Salary: $20-50 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, potential for career advancement.
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5. E-Learning Specialist
- Job Description: Create and manage engaging e-learning projects for businesses and educational institutions.
- Typical Tasks: Create learning materials, collaborate with subject matter experts, develop interactive activities, create tests and assessment materials.
- Requirements: A good knowledge of instructional design principles, experience of using authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline or Captivate, excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Estimated Salary: $15-50 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible hours, potential for online teaching and training opportunities.
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6. Proofreader
- Job Description: Improve the accuracy of texts by reading over and correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
- Typical Tasks: Read through texts, spot errors, make corrections in accordance with given style guides, ensure accuracy of transcriptions.
- Requirements: Exceptional attention to detail, excellent writing skills, and a good command of the English language.
- Estimated Salary: $15-25 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible hours, access to a range of interesting work.
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7. Graphic Designer
- Job Description: Create visual concepts or designs, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire and inform.
- Typical Tasks: Create graphic designs for web, print and digital materials, develop unique designs from concept through to completion, revise designs based on feedback and needs, ensure designs meet technical requirements and are user-friendly.
- Requirements: Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts, experience in creating logos and corporate identities.
- Estimated Salary: $20-40 per hour
- Benefits: Remote working, potential to work with a range of clients.
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8. Video Animator
- Job Description: Create animations for use in multimedia projects such as films, websites, and video games.
- Typical Tasks: Create storyboards, develop characters, create backgrounds, animate transitions, create special effects, and refine animations.
- Requirements: Expertise in animation software such as Adobe After Effects, a keen understanding of animation principles, knowledge of sound design tools.
- Estimated Salary: $20-60 per hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, potential for career growth.
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9. UX Designer
- Job Description: Design user experience and interface solutions for digital products such as websites and apps.
- Typical Tasks: Conduct research, wireframes, usability testing, create prototypes, collaborate with other teams, iterate and improve upon designs.
- Requirements: Extensive knowledge of UX design principles, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
- Estimated Salary: $30-50 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, remote working, learning about new technologies.
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10. Voice-over Artist
- Job Description: Record audio tracks for use in TV, radio, or film, or for e-learning, corporate, medical, and other uses.
- Typical Tasks: Speak clearly and fluently, record high-quality audio, practice scripts or read directly from script, meet deadlines.
- Requirements: Excellent vocal skills, natural speaking voice, good communication skills, access to a computer and recording equipment.
- Estimated Salary: $20-50 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible hours, getting paid to use your voice!
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11. Web Designer
- Job Description: Work with clients to design and develop websites and other digital products.
- Typical Tasks: Design and develop modern websites, create graphic design elements, collaborate with clients to ensure websites meet their requirements, keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.
- Requirements: Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, experience with content management systems, excellent communication skills.
- Estimated Salary: $20-50 per hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Flexible hours, remote working.
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12. Translator
- Job Description: Translate written content from one language to another.
- Typical Tasks: Read and understand source content, use linguistic tools to translate accurately and natural-sounding texts, revise and edit translations, create and check glossaries.
- Requirements: Excellent command of language pairs, familiarity with translation memory tools, familiarity with professional writing guidelines.
- Estimated Salary: $20-45 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible hours, professional development.
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13. Virtual Personal Trainer
- Job Description: Create and deliver tailored fitness programmes to clients, helping them to achieve their goals.
- Typical Tasks: Assess clients' fitness levels, design tailored programmes, motivate clients, provide instruction and advice, measure performance and track progress.
- Requirements: Professional qualification in fitness training, ability to communicate clearly and effectively, ability to tailor programmes to individual clients.
- Estimated Salary: $20-40 per hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, potential to work with a range of clients.
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14. App Developer
- Job Description: Create and develop applications for mobile and web platforms.
- Typical Tasks: Analyse customer requirements, design, build and maintain efficient, reusable and reliable software, troubleshoot and debug applications.
- Requirements: Proficient in software development, knowledge of mobile platforms, good communication skills.
- Estimated Salary: $25-50 per hour, depending on experience
- Benefits: Flexible hours, potential to work with a range of clients.
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15. Copywriter
- Job Description: Write creative, engaging copy for websites, marketing materials, products, and other types of content.
- Typical Tasks: Brainstorm ideas, write copy, review and refine copy, develop style and tone, ensure copy meets the brief.
- Requirements: Good writing and communication skills, ability to create content that is engaging and on-brand, knowledge of SEO principles.
- Estimated Salary: $20-40 per hour
- Benefits: Flexible working hours, potential to work with clients globally.
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Tips on Finding Work-from-Home Jobs

Job-hunting in a remote location like Wollongong, Australia can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With the right approach and some planning, you can find a job in Wollongong that suits your needs.

First, search job postings specific to Wollongong. Look for job boards, newspapers, local government websites, and other locations that might list opportunities. Many companies also have job postings on their company websites, so it’s worth visiting the sites of major employers in the area to see what kind of job postings they have. Make sure to check out any of the universities and other higher-education institutions in the area, especially if you have a degree or other qualifications.

Second, use a general job search engine to find remote job postings in Wollongong. Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter have job postings from all across Australia, including Wollongong. You can make sure you only look at remote job postings by limiting your search to “remote” or “work from home” keywords.

Third, take advantage of any job networking resources in the area. Connect with existing contacts in Wollongong and reach out to those you’ve worked with before to see if they know of any job opportunities. Attend any networking events in the area, and think about joining professional organizations related to your industry.

Finally, build up your online presence and ensure that your professional profile is up-to-date and visible. This could include making sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and searching for job opportunities related to your skills and experience using the platform. Additionally, if you have a website or portfolio, make sure employers can easily find it when they search for your name.

By taking the time to follow these tips and leveraging the resources available in Wollongong, you can increase your chances of finding a job in the area. Good luck!


- Enjoy a range of virtual networking events, such as virtual meetups and conferences hosted by the Wollongong startup hub.
- Have more control over your work/life balance, with increased flexibility.
- Take advantage of the lower cost of living in Wollongong compared to other cities in Australia.
- Leverage Wollongong’s strong resources and startup community, which is often easier for remote workers.
- Benefit from increased job security as remote work is not as affected by geographical or economic conditions.


• Limited access to physical job opportunities due to geographical distance from main job hubs.
• Lack of access to traditional workplace culture and potential networking opportunities.

How to Land Your Dream Job

If you're looking for a good remote job in Wollongong, Australia, the first thing you should do is research which local suburbs and nearby towns have the highest concentration of such jobs. Some good places to start looking for remote jobs include suburbs within the Wollongong Metropolitan area such as Fairy Meadow, Thirroul, North Wollongong, Woonona, and Corrimal. Additionally, nearby towns such as Koonawarra, Warrawong, Primbee, Figtree, and Unanderra are popular places for remote work.

Once you know the areas you would like to focus your search on, create a great online presence by having an excellent resume, portfolio, and social media profile. Sign up for online job-seeking websites such as Indeed and seek and don’t forget to make sure your CV is up to date and tailored to each job application. Additionally, start joining virtual meetings and networking events to build connections and make sure you are aware of any developments in the remote job sector.

For increased visibility, consider enrolling in courses that can give you an edge in the remote job market. Many of the local universities offer short courses in the relevant fields that can help you stand out as a strong candidate. Additionally, many companies also offer online courses that can give you skills that are in high demand, such as coding or web development.

By following these steps, you can have an excellent chance of securing a great remote job in Wollongong, Australia. Good luck!

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