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Amazon Area Manager Salary: How Much?

John Hayden

A Deep Dive into Amazon Area Manager Salaries

Curious about how much an Amazon Area Manager makes in a year? It's no secret that working at Amazon can be lucrative, with the average total pay for an Area Manager being $107,189 per year.

In this article, we'll dive deep into understanding not just the base salary but also additional compensations like bonuses and stock options offered to these professionals. Stay tuned to discover what influences this pay scale and where you might stand!

Key Takeaways

  • The average total pay for an Amazon Area Manager is $107,189 per year, which includes base salary, bonuses, stock compensation, and commissions.
  • Geographical location and level of experience are key factors that influence an Amazon Area Manager's salary. Higher cost of living cities tend to offer higher salaries, while more experienced managers can earn significantly higher incomes.
  • Compared to other companies in the industry such as Bacon's Rebellion and Payscale's Area Operations Manager at Inc., Amazon offers competitive base salaries for its Area Managers.
  • In addition to competitive compensation, benefits for Amazon Area Managers include a reliable base pay, performance-based bonuses, stock compensation providing a stake in the company's success, and potential commission earnings.

Overview of the Role: Amazon Area Manager

Behind the scenes of Amazon's massive fulfillment systems, Area Managers play a pivotal role. They are often on-the-move powerhouses managing various aspects of the mammoth operation. 

From overseeing daily warehouse activities, such as picking and packing to ensuring optimal employee productivity, an Amazon Area Manager is instrumental in facilitating seamless operations.

Amazon Area Managers also handle staff issues like scheduling shifts, resolving conflicts and conducting performance evaluations. This role requires deft leadership skills, robust customer service acumen, initiative-driven approach and proficient logistics management abilities.

On top of their duties within the warehouse setting, they're also responsible for coaching team members to achieve performance goals. As collaborators with other departments – HR Generalist or Operations Lead perhaps – these managers align organizational objectives with successful delivery outcomes.

Apply for Amazon area manager
Apply for Amazon area manager

Determining the Salary of an Amazon Area Manager

To determine the salary of an Amazon Area Manager, various factors such as total pay estimate and range, as well as the breakdown of base pay, additional pay, bonus, and stock compensation are taken into consideration.

Total Pay Estimate & Range

The total pay estimate for an Amazon Area Manager varies considerably, ranging from $85,000 to $138,000 per year. This total pay incorporates several financial elements, including the base salary, bonus payouts, stock compensation, and commissions.

This table provides a clear breakdown of the different monetary components contributing to the total pay for an Amazon Area Manager. The individual component amounts can fluctuate depending on several factors such as location, level of experience, and the specific terms of an employee's contract.

Total Pay Breakdown

The total pay of an Amazon Area Manager is a combination of several distinct factors. Let's break it down:

From this breakdown, it's clear the base salary is the most significant portion, making up over half of the total compensation. However, bonus, stock, and commission payments also represent a significant and variable part of an Amazon Area Manager's potential earnings.

Factors Influencing Amazon Area Manager Salary

Several factors can influence the salary of an Amazon Area Manager, including geographical location and level of experience.

Geographical Location

The geographical location where an Amazon Area Manager is based plays a significant role in determining their salary. Different areas have different costs of living and market demands, which can impact the compensation package offered to area managers.

For example, area managers working in high-cost cities like Los Angeles, New York, or Houston tend to earn higher salaries due to the higher cost of living compared to other locations. On the other hand, area managers in smaller towns or regions with lower costs of living may have slightly lower salaries.

It's important for potential candidates to research and consider the specific location when assessing potential salary ranges and opportunities for growth as an Amazon Area Manager.

Level of Experience

Experience plays a crucial role in determining the salary of an Amazon Area Manager. As mentioned earlier, the base pay for an Area Manager ranges from $52,000 to $77,000 per year. However, those with more experience can earn significantly higher salaries.

At the lower end of the spectrum, individuals with limited experience may start at a base pay closer to $52,000 per year. On the other hand, highly experienced Area Managers can earn upwards of $77,000 per year and potentially even more when factoring in bonuses and additional pay.

Additionally, it's important to note that as an individual gains more experience within their role as an Area Manager at Amazon, their salary trajectory tends to increase as well. This means that over time and through job performance evaluations or promotions, they have opportunities for increased compensation and potential advancement within the company.

Comparing the Amazon Area Manager Salary with other Companies

The landscape of managerial compensation varies widely across organizations, with Amazon offering competitive salaries for its Area Managers. In this comparison, we'll look at how Amazon's Area Manager salary stacks up against three other major companies: Bacon's Rebellion, Inc, and Payscale.

When looking at the numbers, it's clear that Amazon's base salary and salary range for Area Managers outpace those of Bacon's Rebellion and Payscale's Area Operations Manager at Inc. However, when compared to the salary range for an Operations Manager at Inc, Area Managers may find their potential earnings less. It's important to consider these figures in conjunction with other factors such as benefits, work-life balance, and career growth opportunities when evaluating total compensation.

Amazon Area Manager Benefits

Working as an Amazon Area Manager comes with a variety of comprehensive benefits. These include not just competitive compensation but also a wide array of perks, detailed in the following table.

These benefits significantly boost the earning potential of Amazon Area Managers, adding value to the role beyond a basic salary.

Part Time & Remote Jobs

Here are some related job opportunities you may find of interest.

Amazon Virtual Customer Service Associate

  • Job Description: Provide assistance and support to Amazon customers through phone, email, and chat. Solve problems and guide customers through their inquiries.
  • Requirements: Basic computer skills, high school diploma, and excellent communication skills.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-20/hour
  • Benefits: Flexible hours, work from home, potential for Amazon employee discounts.

Amazon Remote Content Reviewer

  • Job Description: Review and moderate content submitted to Amazon platforms, ensuring compliance with community and content guidelines.
  • Requirements: Attention to detail, good judgment, and basic computer skills.
  • Estimated Salary: $18-25/hour
  • Benefits: Work from anywhere, flexible schedule.

Part-Time Amazon Product Tester

  • Job Description: Test Amazon products and provide feedback to help improve product quality and user experience.
  • Requirements: Attention to detail and basic writing skills.
  • Estimated Salary: $20-30/hour
  • Benefits: Free products, work from home.

Amazon Remote Data Entry Clerk

  • Job Description: Enter product data into Amazon's database and ensure the accuracy of product listings.
  • Requirements: Typing speed of at least 40 WPM, attention to detail.
  • Estimated Salary: $16-22/hour
  • Benefits: Work remotely, flexible hours.

Amazon Online Retail Specialist

  • Job Description: Manage and optimize product listings on Amazon, analyze sales data, and implement strategies to increase sales.
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of online retail and e-commerce.
  • Estimated Salary: $25-35/hour
  • Benefits: Work remotely, potential for bonuses.

Part-Time Amazon Delivery Partner

  • Job Description: Deliver Amazon packages to customers using your own vehicle.
  • Requirements: Valid driver's license, own vehicle.
  • Estimated Salary: $18-25/hour plus bonuses
  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, work locally.

Amazon Remote Marketplace Analyst

  • Job Description: Monitor and analyze marketplace trends, pricing, and competitor strategies on Amazon.
  • Requirements: Basic analytical skills, familiarity with e-commerce.
  • Estimated Salary: $30-40/hour
  • Benefits: Work from home, flexible schedule.

Part-Time Amazon Inventory Assistant

  • Job Description: Assist with inventory management, monitor stock levels, and process orders.
  • Requirements: Basic computer skills, attention to detail.
  • Estimated Salary: $16-20/hour
  • Benefits: Work remotely, flexible hours.

Amazon Remote Affiliate Marketer

  • Job Description: Promote Amazon products through various online channels and earn commissions on sales.
  • Requirements: Marketing and social media skills.
  • Estimated Salary: Commission-based (potential to earn $20-50/hour or more)
  • Benefits: Work from anywhere, set your own schedule.

Part-Time Amazon Locker Attendant

  • Job Description: Assist customers with Amazon Locker services, ensuring smooth pickup and return of packages.
  • Requirements: Customer service skills, ability to work on feet for several hours.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-20/hour
  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, work in a local area.

You may also be interested in Amazon customer service jobs, Amazon warehouse jobs, or Amazon tester jobs.

What People Say

Here’s what people have to say, based on their own personal experiences: 

“I appreciate the flexibility and support that come with being an Amazon Virtual Customer Service Associate. The training is thorough, and the team is always ready to help if I run into issues. The pay is fair, though the work can sometimes be monotonous. Being able to work remotely is a significant advantage for me.”

Orion Baxter, Twin Falls, Idaho

“As a Part-Time Amazon Delivery Partner, I’ve found the freedom to work on my schedule highly beneficial. The pay is good, especially during peak seasons when there’s an opportunity to make more. However, there are times when the number of packages is overwhelming. Overall, it's been a positive experience for me.”

Desmond Sinclair, Rapid City, South Dakota

“Working as an Amazon Remote Data Entry Clerk has been a comfortable experience. The tasks are straightforward, and the pay is decent for an entry-level position. The hours are flexible, allowing me to pursue other interests. The work can get repetitive, but it's a small price for the convenience of working from home.”

Eloise Calhoun, Saratoga Springs, New York

“As an Amazon Remote Content Reviewer, I have an engaging role in moderating content. It's satisfying to know that I contribute to maintaining the quality of content on Amazon’s platforms. The pay is competitive, and I have the flexibility to work from anywhere. However, I sometimes wish there was more of a team environment.”

Cassius Montague, Flower Mound, Texas

“Working internationally as an Amazon Remote Affiliate Marketer has been an eye-opener. I have learned so much about e-commerce and digital marketing. The commission-based pay structure is motivating, and being able to work from anywhere is liberating. The lack of a fixed salary can be challenging, but the potential for high earnings is there.”

Aria Rossi, Florence, Italy

Top Opportunities

You can undertake remote jobs and work from home positions from anywhere in the world. But to give you further insights into the best opportunities, here are the top 20 locations where demand is high in this sector:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Diego, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Jose, California
  • Austin, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Denver, Colorado
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Columbus, Ohio
Find more remote jobs in Columbus, Ohio
Find more remote jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Many large corporations also offer remote jobs you can do from anywhere. Look out for opportunities with major employers of work-from-home professionals, such as:

  • Apple
  • Salesforce
  • Amazon
  • Adobe
  • Dell Technologies
  • IBM
  • Intuit
  • Philips
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • VMware

These companies offer full-time, part-time, and entry-level remote jobs in customer service, data entry, virtual assistant, transcription, and administrative assistant roles.

Skills that Enhance an Amazon Area Manager's Salary

Having certain skills can significantly enhance an Amazon Area Manager's salary. Leadership is a crucial skill that can drive success in this role, as it allows managers to effectively guide and motivate their teams towards achieving targets and goals.

Customer service skills are also important, as providing excellent service to both external customers and internal stakeholders can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Coaching skills play a vital role in developing team members and helping them reach their full potential, which can result in improved performance and higher productivity levels. Initiative is another valuable skill for an Area Manager, as taking proactive steps to identify areas for improvement or implementing innovative solutions can positively impact operational efficiency and cost savings.

Lastly, strong logistical abilities are essential for managing complex workflows, optimizing resources, and ensuring timely deliveries. By possessing these key skills, an Amazon Area Manager has the potential to enhance their salary by driving exceptional results within their area of responsibility. i

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common queries we receive on this topic.

Q. What’s the best way to find a high-paying job I can do from anywhere?

A: We recommend you sign up for remote job alerts (free) to get notified of new work-from-home jobs matched to your needs.

Q: What is an Amazon Area Manager?

A: An Amazon Area Manager is responsible for managing a team of associates in a specific area of an Amazon fulfillment center. They oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Q: What are the qualifications required?

A: To become an Amazon Area Manager, it's important to be able to handle difficult and fast-paced situations. It is preferred to have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or a related field, although it is not always a requirement.

Q: What is the average salary?

A: The average salary for an Amazon Area Manager can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and tenure. However, as of 2022, the average salary for an Amazon Area Manager is around $73,000 per year.

Q: Do Amazon Area Managers receive any bonuses?

A: Yes, Amazon Area Managers are eligible for compensation and bonuses. These bonuses can be based on performance, productivity, and overall team success.

Q: What is the work environment like?

A: The work environment for an Amazon Area Manager is fast-paced and dynamic. As an Area Manager, you will be responsible for creating a positive work environment and ensuring that your team is motivated and productive.

Q: What are some of the responsibilities?

A: An Amazon Area Manager is responsible for managing a team, making quick decisions, and ensuring that the fulfillment center runs smoothly. They are also responsible for setting performance goals, coaching and mentoring their team members, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Q: What is the hourly pay for an Amazon Area Manager?

A: The salary for an Amazon Area Manager is typically salaried, rather than hourly. However, the hourly equivalent to the salary can vary depending on the number of hours worked per week.

Q: How can I apply for a job?

A: To apply for a job as an Amazon Area Manager, you can browse for available positions on the website. You can search for "Amazon Area Manager" or related keywords to find open positions in your area.

Q: What are common interview questions for an Amazon Area Manager position?

A: Common interview questions for an Amazon Area Manager position may include questions about your experience in managing a team, your ability to make quick decisions, and your strategies for creating a positive work environment.

Q: Is a Bachelor's degree required?

A: While a Bachelor's degree is preferred, it is not always a requirement to become an Amazon Area Manager. However, having a degree in business administration or a related field can enhance your qualifications for the position.

Growth Potential

The salary for an Amazon Area Manager can vary depending on factors such as geographical location and level of experience. With an estimated total pay range of $85,000 to $138,000 per year, it is a highly competitive position within the company.

However, it's important to note that the average salary for an Area Manager at Amazon is 42% lower than the overall company average. Nevertheless, with excellent leadership skills and opportunities for advancement, this role offers potential for growth and development in the retail industry.

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