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How to Make Money Fast (16 Legit Ways that Work)

Rob Palmer

Step-by-Step Guide to Earning Quick Cash: Proven Strategies

In this informative and practical video, we dive deep into 16 proven ways to make extra money fast. We cover a range of methods from selling unused items, to participating in research studies, to freelancing your skills, and much more.

These strategies are perfect for anyone looking to generate quick cash and build sustainable side income streams. Whether you're a student, full-time worker, or stay-at-home parent, these methods are flexible and can work for everyone. Watch the video now and start padding your wallet ASAP!

Video Summary


Need to make extra money fast? In this video, I'll share 16 practical ways to earn quick cash that actually work. These are legit methods you can use to start generating funds in a few days or less. I'll provide step-by-step explanations so you can get started ASAP.

Making money quickly may require some effort upfront, but once these income streams are set up, you can benefit from ongoing passive earnings.

So if you need to start padding your wallet right away, make sure to watch through this entire video. Let's get started!

Sell Unused Items

One of the fastest ways to make money is by selling stuff you no longer use. Go through your house and find valuables like electronics, furniture, designer clothing, shoes, accessories, games, books, instruments and more.

Use sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark and OfferUp to list your items. Take clear photos and write detailed descriptions.

Price things competitively based on their condition and demand. You can earn hundreds or even thousands clearing out unused stuff. The great thing is you already own these items, so the money you earn is pure profit! Selling unused stuff is one of the easiest immediate paydays.

Sell Handmade Crafts 

Got a hobby like knitting, jewelry-making, woodwork or photography? Start selling homemade crafts and goods to earn quick cash. You can sell locally or use sites like Etsy and eBay to gain a wider customer base. 

Price your unique creations attractively but fairly based on the time and costs involved. Add new inventory frequently.

Offering customized or made-to-order items can also boost sales. With the right marketing, you can profit from your passion and talents fast.

Provide Services on TaskRabbit

Register as a tasker on TaskRabbit to get paid for doing odd jobs like delivery, cleaning, furniture assembly, yardwork and more. Browse open tasks and place competitive bids based on your skills and experience. The more tasks you win, the more you earn.

Provide excellent service by showing up on time, communicating clearly, and going above expectations. This will get you great reviews. Over time, raise your rates to increase income. Building a reputation on TaskRabbit can become a lucrative side gig.

Rent Out Your Home or Car

Do you have an empty driveway or spare room? Rent them out to earn hundreds or more a month.

On sites like Airbnb, VRBO and, you can find short-term renters for extra living space. Or list your car on Turo or GetAround to make money while it sits idle.

Screen potential renters thoroughly, set clear rules and policies, price competitively and regularly refresh your listing for exposure.

Take Surveys 

Taking online surveys through sites like Survey Junkie, Vindale Research and Swagbucks is an easy way to earn extra money fast. Share your opinions on brands, products and services for cash rewards. Surveys typically pay $0.50-$5 each and many are quick to complete.

The key is taking as many surveys as possible to maximize profits. Over time, you can easily make hundreds of dollars in your downtime.

Sign Up for Focus Groups

Focus groups are mini workshops where you review products or answer questions about your consumer habits and get paid. Go to sites like Respondent and FocusGroup to find focus groups looking for specific types of participants. 

Groups pay $50-$150 for an hour or two of your time. Give thoughtful feedback to boost your chances of being selected again.

Take Paid Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is an easy way to earn money quickly from home. Register on survey sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and Vindale Research. Provide honest opinions on brands and products for cash rewards.

Most surveys pay between $0.50 - $5.00 and can be completed in under 20 minutes during your free time. Take as many surveys as possible to maximize earnings. It adds up fast!

Rent Your Parking Space

If you live or work in a high-traffic area, you can earn quick cash by renting out your parking space when not in use. List your space on apps like SpotHero, Parklee and JustPark for hourly or daily rates.

You set your own pricing and availability. The app handles scheduling and payments, so it’s completely passive!

Invest in Stocks

Here’s a high-risk, high-reward idea – invest a few hundred dollars into a hot stock expected to rise. 

Do thorough research beforehand on market news and trends. Monitor the stock closely for a few days and sell once you hit your profit target.

Stocks can turn high profits overnight if timed right. But only invest money you’re willing to lose, as losses do happen.

Freelance Your Skills

Got skilled in something like graphic design, writing, social media, SEO or data entry? Start freelancing to make money fast.

Create an account on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer or other freelance sites. Build a portfolio showcasing your work. Set competitive rates and aggressively apply for projects in your niche. Provide excellent work and maintain open communication.

The income can stack up quickly as your client base expands. Freelancing leverages your skills for serious pay.

Take Paid Online Surveys

Websites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie will pay you to take surveys and complete simple online tasks. Most surveys take just 5-20 minutes and pay $1-$5 each. Set up accounts on multiple sites to maximize earnings.

Take surveys during commercial breaks when watching TV or while waiting in line. It’s an easy way to make extra money in your downtime.

Participate in Research Studies

Universities, researchers and companies often pay people to participate in studies, clinical trials and focus groups.  

Browse listings on sites like Respondent and Share your opinions or test products for cash compensation.

Studies pay anywhere from $50-$500+ depending on the length and type. This quick cash adds up and helps advance research.

Sell Your Articles

Have a knack for writing? Start selling your articles and blog posts online for quick cash. Sites like Listverse, TopTenz and SponsoredReviews pay amateur writers handsomely for well-researched articles. 

Pitch your ideas or write on trending topics to increase chances of acceptance. You can earn $100+ for short pieces.

Trade In Electronics for Cash

Have any old smartphones, laptops, game systems or other electronics sitting unused? Trade them in for instant cash payouts.

Websites like Decluttr, ItsWorthMore and uSell pay top dollar for popular devices in any condition. Look up value before trading. Mail them your devices for fast payment by check or PayPal. Trading old electronics is an effortless way to earn extra money.


Those are 16 legit ways to start making money fast – even in the next few days. The key is taking action now rather than just thinking about it. 

Implement as many income streams as possible to maximize your profits. With consistent effort, these can become lucrative ongoing sources of side income.

So act fast and get a head start on padding your wallet or savings account. Thanks for watching and good luck!

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Rob Palmer

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After graduating from the London University of the Arts, I worked as a journalist, then become a direct-response marketer. Launching my first online business in 2000 allowed me and my family to relocate to the other side of the planet to live a better life. I was one of the first digital nomads and still love the lifestyle that remote working allows me.

I'm now an ambassador for the concept of remote working. I help people build online careers, follow their passions and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

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