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New York Craigslist Jobs Hiring Now (No Experience/Immediate Start)

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A Guide to No Experience New York Craigslist Jobs

Searching for a new job can be overwhelming, but New York Craigslist offers a fantastic resource to help you find the perfect opportunity, especially if you have no experience or need an immediate start.

With various industries and locations available, finding your dream position has never been easier.

Key Takeaways

  • New York Craigslist offers a wide variety of job listings that cater to entry-level candidates, while also providing opportunities with an easy application process.
  • Some of the available job positions on New York Craigslist include remote sales representatives, office administrators, appointment setters, cashiers, personal assistants, leasing consultants and sales associates. These jobs are perfect if you’re looking to kick-start your professional journey.
  • The simplicity of applying through Craigslist empowers candidates to concentrate on tailoring their skills and experiences specifically for each role. You should craft a compelling cover letter and tailor your resume to increase your chances of success.

Benefits Of Using Craigslist For Job Searches

Craigslist offers a wide variety of job listings that cater to entry-level candidates, while also providing immediate start and no experience opportunities with an easy application process.

Wide Variety Of Job Listings

One of the greatest advantages of using Craigslist for job searches is the wide variety of job listings available, catering to different industries and skill sets. 

No matter what your career path may be – food/beverage/hospitality, general labor, healthcare, sales, or real estate – you'll likely find a wealth of opportunities on New York's Craigslist platform.

This diverse range ensures that anyone can find something suited to their skills and experience. For instance, those with a background in marketing might come across listings for Social Media Managers or Lead Generation Specialists while browsing through the Marketing/Advertising/PR category.

Meanwhile, drivers will discover various opportunities requiring licenses within the Transportation section. Furthermore, bilingual individuals might uncover jobs that require specific language abilities spanning multiple sectors including legal/paralegal or customer service positions.

Immediate Start And No Experience Opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of using Craigslist for job searches is the abundance of immediate start and no experience opportunities available. New York's bustling job market often posts a wide range of entry-level positions that cater to fresh graduates or individuals looking to change careers.

These listings provide an excellent starting point for people who want to dive straight into the workforce without being weighed down by lengthy applications or long waiting periods.

For example, companies such as SMD Enterprises, Inc., offer personal assistant and nanny positions with minimal prerequisites, while Jet City Harley-Davidson seeks inventory coordinators without any prior experience in the field.

Easy Application Process

One of the primary benefits of using Craigslist for your job search is the easy application process. With a straightforward approach, applying for various New York jobs becomes much more efficient and less time-consuming than traditional methods.

For example, many listings on Craigslist offer simple email addresses or an online form to submit your resume and cover letter directly to the hiring agent.

Additionally, some listings even provide phone numbers for applicants who prefer a more personal touch in their job search process, allowing them to inquire about potential openings or schedule interviews promptly.

Types Of Jobs Available On New York Craigslist

There are many different types of jobs available, with new ones posted every day. So be sure to check back often to get updated on the latest vacancies.

Remote Sales Representative

These are sought after on Craigslist for their skills in communication, persuasion, and relationship-building. This role involves reaching out to potential clients via phone, email or chat to identify their needs and offer solutions.

The job also requires conducting market research, following up on leads, preparing sales reports, and maintaining customer relationships through regular follow-up calls and emails.

Office Administrator

Office administrators are essential team members who keep businesses running smoothly. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the office is organized and functions efficiently.

The job responsibilities of an office administrator vary depending on the industry, but they typically include managing schedules, organizing files, processing paperwork, answering phone calls and emails, taking meeting minutes, and providing general administrative support to other staff members.

New York craigslist offers office administrator jobs
New York craigslist offers office administrator jobs

Appointment Setter

One of the job opportunities available on New York Craigslist is that of an Appointment Setter. In this position, you will be responsible for calling potential clients and scheduling appointments for them to meet with sales representatives or other professionals.

Some companies offer training and flexible schedules, making it a great entry-level opportunity for those without much experience. This position provides hourly pay plus commissions with average earnings ranging from $15 to $25 per hour depending on performance.


Cashier jobs are readily available on the New York Craigslist Jobs ‘Hiring Now’ webpage. Cashiers are responsible for processing cash and credit transactions, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining accurate records of sales.

Many cashier job listings on Craigslist require no prior experience in the field, making them ideal entry-level positions for those looking to gain experience in retail or customer service.

Personal Assistant/Nanny

One of the available job positions on New York Craigslist is for a personal assistant or nanny. These roles involve helping families with daily tasks, caring for children, and organizing schedules.

Some postings require specific qualifications like bilingual abilities or previous experience in child care. However, many listings advertise no experience necessary as long as the candidate is reliable and willing to learn.

The jobs may offer flexible hours and competitive rates depending on the family's needs.

Leasing Consultant

As a leasing consultant, your main responsibility is to help prospective tenants find suitable rental properties. You will also be responsible for handling lease agreements and collecting rent payments from tenants.

One example of a job listing on New York Craigslist that fits this category is from Burkentine Real Estate Group, which seeks an experienced leasing agent in Staten Island who can work flexible hours including nights and weekends.

The ideal candidate should have strong organizational skills, excellent customer service experience, good computer skills, and familiarity with marketing techniques.

Sales Associate

Sales Associate is one of the popular job listings on New York Craigslist. Companies are looking for individuals who can provide excellent customer service, have a passion for sales, and are driven to succeed.

This position offers hourly rates ranging from $15-$20 per hour plus commission pay outs, providing an opportunity for candidates to earn more based on their performance.

Some companies also offer weekly or monthly payments along with benefits packages. 

Responsibilities include interacting with customers in a friendly manner and identifying their needs. You will also offer product suggestions that meet those needs while satisfying company goals and objectives.

This position often involves maintaining inventory records and stocking shelves as well as conducting sales promotions such as discounts or giveaways to attract potential customers.

Customer Service Representative

One of the job opportunities often available is the position of a Customer Service Representative. This role involves assisting customers with various inquiries or concerns, resolving issues, and providing exceptional customer service via phone, email, or social media platforms.

Some companies may require prior experience in customer service. But there are also listings that welcome candidates with no experience.

In addition to salary details and requirements for this role as outlined in, you should have strong problem-solving skills, and excellent communication abilities. You need patience when interacting with diverse customers across different time zones and cultures. It’s also helpful if you are willing to learn new software programs for handling customer queries consistently and accurately.

Office Assistant

Office assistant positions are popular and offer great opportunities for job seekers with various skill levels. You will typically work in an office environment, where you perform clerical tasks such as answering phones, sorting mail, and drafting documents.

The job requires data entry, customer service, scheduling appointments, handling phone calls and communication in the shop. Employers value someone who can show strong organizational skills and attention to detail while working efficiently under fast-paced conditions.

Part Time & Remote Jobs

Here are some related job opportunities you may find of interest.

Virtual Assistant

  • Job Description: Perform administrative tasks such as scheduling, email management, data entry, and social media management for businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Requirements: Good communication skills, basic computer literacy, and high-speed internet connection.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-30/hour
  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, work from home

Pet Sitter

  • Job Description: Take care of clients’ pets at their homes, including feeding, walking, and playing with them.
  • Requirements: Love for animals, reliability, and good communication skills.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-25/hour
  • Benefits: Spending time with animals, flexible hours
One of the part time job is pet sitter
One of the part time job is pet sitter

Online Survey Taker

  • Job Description: Take online surveys and participate in market research to earn money.
  • Requirements: Access to the internet, attention to detail.
  • Estimated Salary: $5-20 per survey
  • Benefits: Work from anywhere, no fixed schedule

Remote Customer Support Representative

  • Job Description: Handle customer inquiries, provide product information, and resolve any issues through phone, email, or chat.
  • Requirements: Good communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a quiet workspace.
  • Estimated Salary: $18-30/hour
  • Benefits: Work from home, potential for bonuses

Weekend Photographer

  • Job Description: Capture photos at events or portraits on weekends.
  • Requirements: Photography skills, own camera equipment.
  • Estimated Salary: $50-200/hour
  • Benefits: Creative expression, networking opportunities

Delivery Driver

  • Job Description: Deliver packages or food to customers using your own vehicle.
  • Requirements: Driver’s license, reliable vehicle, smartphone.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-30/hour (plus tips)
  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, tips

Freelance Writer

  • Job Description: Write articles, blog posts, and other content for various clients.
  • Requirements: Strong writing skills, ability to meet deadlines.
  • Estimated Salary: $20-50/hour
  • Benefits: Work from anywhere, set your own rates

Social Media Influencer

  • Job Description: Create engaging content on social media platforms and collaborate with brands for sponsorships.
  • Requirements: Charismatic personality, creativity, strong social media presence.
  • Estimated Salary: Varies ($100-10,000+ per post)
  • Benefits: Potential for high earnings, work on your own terms

Online English Tutor

  • Job Description: Teach English to non-native speakers through video calls.
  • Requirements: Native English speaker, reliable internet connection.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-25/hour
  • Benefits: Work from home, cultural exchange

Personal Shopper

  • Job Description: Shop for groceries or other items for clients and deliver them to their homes.
  • Requirements: Attention to detail, good communication skills, reliable transportation.
  • Estimated Salary: $15-25/hour (plus tips)
  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, tips

Other ways to find jobs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx include looking for Indeed remote jobs, checkout out Amazon customer service opportunities, and searching for Target remote jobs

What People Say

Here’s what people have to say, based on their own personal experiences: 

“I appreciate the flexibility that comes with being a Virtual Assistant. I can set my own hours and work from the comfort of my home. 

The pay is decent and depends on the clients I work with. However, sometimes finding consistent clients can be a bit challenging, but overall, it’s a rewarding experience.”

Cassia Rowan, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

“I work as a Weekend Photographer and love the creative freedom and networking opportunities. The pay is excellent, especially for wedding gigs. 

But you have to be prepared for long hours on your feet and sometimes dealing with demanding clients. The satisfaction of capturing beautiful moments makes it worthwhile.”

Zephyr O’Neill, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“Working as an Online English Tutor has been a fulfilling experience. I love that I can make a difference in someone’s life by helping them learn a new language. 

The cultural exchange is also fantastic. The pay is reasonable, but the hours can be odd, especially when working with students in different time zones.”

Adelaide Mathers, Silverton, Oregon

“As a Delivery Driver, I enjoy the independence and flexibility in my work schedule. The pay is good, especially with tips. 

However, there is wear and tear on the vehicle, and sometimes dealing with traffic can be stressful. But the freedom to work when I want is invaluable.”

Leopold Hastings, Kittery, Maine

“Being a Social Media Influencer gives me the creative outlet I've been looking for. The potential earnings are high, but it took time to build a following. 

I enjoy collaborating with brands and creating content. Sometimes the pressure to constantly create can be overwhelming, but it's thrilling to have a voice and impact.”

Celeste du Plessis, Pretoria, South Africa

Top Opportunities

You can undertake remote jobs and work from home positions from anywhere in the world. But to give you further insights into the best opportunities, here are the top 20 locations where demand is high in this sector:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Francisco, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Miami, Florida
  • Sacramento, California
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Oakland, California
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Long Beach, California
  • Cleveland, Ohio

Many large corporations also offer remote jobs you can do from anywhere. Look out for opportunities with major employers of work-from-home professionals, such as:

  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe
  • American Express
  • Philips
  • SAP
  • Xerox
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • GitHub

These companies offer full-time, part-time, and entry-level remote jobs in customer service, data entry, virtual assistant, transcription, and administrative assistant roles.

Tips For Finding Jobs On Craigslist

Refine your search criteria by selecting specific job categories, keywords, and distance from your location to find the most relevant listings.

Refine Search Criteria

To find the most relevant job listings on New York Craigslist, it's important to refine your search criteria. Here are some tips:

  • Use specific keywords related to the type of job you're looking for.
  • Narrow down your location preferences to a specific area or distance from your current location.
  • Filter results based on employment type, such as full-time or part-time.
  • Utilize image availability and post date filters to ensure you're seeing the most recent and reliable job postings.
  • Specify any additional qualifications or skills you may have, such as language fluency or software proficiency, to further refine search results.

By refining your search criteria on New York Craigslist, you can easily find job opportunities that match your skill set and preferences.

Stay Vigilant For Scams

Unfortunately, Craigslist has a reputation for being a haven for scammers posing as employers. To avoid falling victim to these scams, job seekers should be cautious when applying for jobs on the platform.

They should research every company they're interested in and ensure that they have a legitimate website and social media presence.

Moreover, it is crucial to follow up with the employer through email or phone call to verify if the job offer is genuine before taking any further steps. If something sounds too good to be true or if you feel uneasy during the interview process, trust your instincts and move on from that opportunity.

Regularly Check Listings For Updated Opportunities

To increase your chances of finding a job on New York Craigslist, it's important to regularly check the listings for updated opportunities. Job postings come and go quickly, so checking daily or even multiple times a day can help you stay ahead of the competition.

By frequently refreshing your search results and reviewing new postings, you'll have an advantage over other candidates who may only be checking sporadically. 

Keep in mind that some employers might require immediate availability or have short application windows, so being proactive about searching will give you more opportunities to apply before positions fill up.

How To Apply For Jobs On Craigslist

Craft a compelling cover letter and tailor your resume to the specific job.

Craft A Compelling Cover Letter

Crafting a compelling cover letter is an essential part of applying for jobs on New York Craigslist. Your cover letter should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for and highlight your relevant skills, experience, and achievements.

Start by researching the company or employer and understanding their needs and values.

When writing your cover letter, make sure it is clear, concise, and easy to read. 

Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may not be familiar to the reader. Use bullet points or short paragraphs to break up long blocks of text and emphasize key points.

An example of a great opening line for a cover letter could be: "As someone who is passionate about customer service and has two years of experience in retail sales, I was excited to see the Customer Service Representative position on Craigslist." By starting with a strong statement that shows enthusiasm for the job while highlighting relevant skills and experience, you can grab the reader's attention from the start.

Tailor Your Resume To The Specific Job

When applying for a job on Craigslist, it's important to tailor your resume to the specific job you're applying for. This means highlighting the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position.

For example, if you're applying for a customer service representative position at Siegel Suites and Selects, emphasize any previous experience you have in customer-facing roles or problem-solving skills.

Tailoring your resume can make all the difference when it comes to standing out from other candidates.

Remember that formatting also plays a key role in making your resume stand out. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs, keep it concise (ideally no more than two pages), and be sure to proofread carefully before submitting your application.

Follow Application Instructions Carefully

When applying for a job on New York Craigslist, it's important to follow the application instructions carefully. Each job listing may have specific requirements and instructions that applicants need to adhere to when submitting their application.

For example, some job listings may require applicants to submit their resume and cover letter directly through email or an online form, while others may request that you apply via phone call.

By carefully following the directions provided in each job listing on New York Craigslist, you can increase your chances of standing out from other applicants and impressing prospective employers with your attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common queries we receive on this topic.

Q. What’s the best way to find a high-paying job I can do from anywhere?

A: We recommend you sign up for remote job alerts (free) to get notified of new work-from-home jobs matched to your needs.

Q: What is New York Craigslist Jobs ‘Hiring Now’?

A: New York Craigslist Jobs Hiring Now is a section on Craigslist website where employers post their job vacancies for applicants who are looking for work in various industries.

Q: How can I search for Craigslist jobs in New York?

A: You can search for Craigslist jobs in New York by going to the Craigslist website, selecting the New York location, and then clicking on the 'Jobs' section. From there, you can browse through the available job openings and apply for the ones that interest you.

Q: Are there any ‘immediate start’ Craigslist jobs in New York?

A: Yes, there are many ‘immediate start’ Craigslist jobs in New York. Some employers are looking for workers who can start right away without any prior experience, so it's worth browsing through the listings and checking the job requirements.

Q: How do I respond to a Craigslist job ad?

A: To respond to a Craigslist job ad, click on the ad title to open the full ad. From there, locate the 'Reply' button at the top left corner of the page. Clicking on this button will open a window where you can type in your response and attach your resume if required.

Q: How do I know if a Craigslist job ad is appropriate?

A: You can determine if a Craigslist job ad is appropriate by thoroughly reading through the job requirements and description. Look for any red flags such as vague job descriptions, unrealistic salary offers, or requests for personal information. It's always best to err on the side of caution and avoid suspicious job ads.

Q: What technology do I need to apply for a Craigslist job?

A: To apply for a Craigslist job, all you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. Some employers may require you to have specific software or tools, but this will be indicated in the job ad.

Q: What is the best way to use Craigslist to find a job?

A: The best way to use Craigslist to find a job is to search regularly and apply promptly to job ads that interest you. Make sure your resume and cover letter are up to date and tailored to the specific job and employer you are applying for.

Q: Are new Craigslist jobs added daily?

A: Yes, new Craigslist jobs are added daily. Employers are constantly posting new job ads in various industries and locations, so it's important to check back frequently for the latest opportunities.

Q: How can I increase my chances of getting hired for a Craigslist job?

A: To increase your chances of getting hired for a Craigslist job, make sure you thoroughly read and understand the job requirements and tailor your application to the specific job and employer. Be enthusiastic and professional during any communication with the employer, whether it's through email, telephone, or even in person.

A Wide Variety of Jobs

In conclusion, if you're looking for a job in New York, Craigslist is an excellent place to start. With a wide variety of job listings and immediate start opportunities available, you can quickly find a job that works for you.

Just remember to refine your search criteria and follow application instructions carefully. Craft a compelling cover letter and tailor your resume to the specific job to increase your chances of success.

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